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view ads – (Teknologi Informasi)

Pengertian view ads adalah: Subjek Definisi PTC ? view ads : Lihat iklan. Menu di dalam situs PTC dimana terdapat beberapa buah iklan yang apabila iklan tersebut kita klik satu persatu dalam jangka waktu kurang lebih 30 detik kita akan dibayar dengan sejumlah komisi. Istilah lainnya : View adsvertisement, Surf Ads dsb tergantung situs PTC nya. Definisi ?

view mode – (Teknologi Informasi)

Pengertian view mode adalah: Subjek Definisi Drupal ? view mode : A view mode is way to customize how an entity is rendered. Examples are 'Full Page', 'Teaser' or 'JSON'. In Drupal 8 this is located under Structure > Display Modes. Definisi ?

views – (Teknologi Informasi)

Pengertian views adalah: Subjek Definisi Drupal ? views : A module which allows site developers a graphical interface for creating lists of various Drupal entities; most notably users and nodes. Views permits selection of specific fields to display, filtration against various attributes, choice of basic layout options (i.e. list, full entities, teasers, etc.), and other more advanced features. Many Drupal sites use Views extensively. In Drupal 8, the Views module is part of Drupal Core. […]

view display – (Teknologi Informasi)

Pengertian view display adalah: Subjek Definisi Drupal ? view display : In reference to the Views module above, view displays are created inside of a view to display the objects fetched by the view in different manners. For example, a view called "Blog Posts" might have view displays for "Top 5", "Most Recent", or "Posts by Author". Definisi ?

View Hierarchy – (Teknologi Informasi)

Pengertian View Hierarchy adalah: Subjek Definisi Android ? View Hierarchy : An arrangement of View and ViewGroup objects that defines the user interface for each component of an app. The hierarchy consists of view groups that contain one or more child views or view groups. You can obtain a visual representation of a view hierarchy for debugging and optimization by using the Hierarchy Viewer that is supplied with the Android SDK.Related: View, ViewGroup Definisi ?

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