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accounts payable turnover ratio – (Ekonomi / Bisnis)

Pengertian accounts payable turnover ratio adalah: Subjek Definisi Stock Market ? accounts payable turnover ratio : This is ratio that measures the rate at which debts are discharged by a firm. It is calculated by dividing the total annual purchases with the total annual accounts payable. The higher the ratio is, the better it is for the firm. (Sumber : Definisi ?

turnover or turns – (Ekonomi / Bisnis)

Pengertian turnover or turns adalah: Subjek Definisi Bank ? turnover or turns : Terms used to describe the number of operating cycles in a defined period of time or the length of each specific operating cycle. Typical turnover cycles are: the rate at which accounts receivable converts to cash, the rate at which inventory converts to receivables or cash, the rate at which accounts payable are paid, and the number of times in a year […]

inventory turnover ratio – (Ekonomi / Bisnis)

Pengertian inventory turnover ratio adalah: Subjek Definisi Akuntansi ? inventory turnover ratio : Persediaan omset rasio memberikan jumlah kali persediaan yang dibeli dan digunakan untuk produksi atau dijual dalam periode waktu tertentu. Definisi ?

creditor turnover – (Ekonomi / Bisnis)

Pengertian creditor turnover adalah: Subjek Definisi Akuntansi ? creditor turnover : Kreditor omset rasio dihitung sebagai kreditor omset = (rata-rata kreditor * 365) / biaya penjualan Accounting ? creditor turnover : Creditor Turnover ratio is calculated as Creditor Turnover = (Average Creditors * 365) / Cost of Sales Definisi ?

asset turnover ratio – (Ekonomi / Bisnis)

Pengertian asset turnover ratio adalah: Subjek Definisi Akuntansi ? asset turnover ratio : Aset omset rasio membantu membangun hubungan antara penjualan dan total aset. Dihitung dengan aset omset rasio = Total pendapatan / rata-rata aset. Accounting ? asset turnover ratio : Asset turnover ratio helps establish the relationship between the sales and the total assets. It is calculated by Asset Turnover Ratio = Total Revenue / Average Assets. Stock Market ? asset turnover ratio : […]

receivable turnover – (Ekonomi / Bisnis)

Pengertian receivable turnover adalah: Subjek Definisi Accounting ? receivable turnover : A ratio for measuring the relative size of a company’s accounts receivable and the success of its CREDIT and collection policies during an accounting period. Definisi ?

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