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leader tabs – (Teknologi Informasi)

Pengertian leader tabs adalah: Subjek Definisi CorelDraw ? leader tabs : A row of characters placed between text objects to help the reader follow a line across white space. Leader tabs are often used in place of tab stops, especially before text that is flush right such as in a list or table of contents. Definisi ?

sheet tabs – (Teknologi Informasi)

Pengertian sheet tabs adalah: Subjek Definisi Microsoft Excel ? sheet tabs : Sheet tabs contain the names of the worksheets in a workbook at the bottom of the working screen. You can click the sheet tabs to show their corresponding worksheets. sheet tabs : The tabs located at the bottom left of the Excel window that tell the user what sheets of a workbook are available. Definisi ?

tabs – (Teknologi Informasi)

Pengertian tabs adalah: Subjek Definisi Microsoft Office ? tabs : Menentukan batas tabulasi di dalam dokumen – Microsoft Word ? tabs : Tabs are the titles of the cards found in some dialog boxes. Clicking one brings that card to the front. CorelDraw ? tabs : menu tabulasi Definisi ?