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X-linked Disease

Pengertian X-linked Disease adalah: Subjek Definisi Science ? X-linked Disease : The mutation on X-chromosome that causes a genetic disease is called X-linked disease. Know more on Facts About Human Chromosomes Definisi ?


Pengertian viroid adalah: Subjek Definisi Science ? viroid : The plant pathogen consisting of 250-350 nucleotides of a naked RNA molecule, whose extensive base pairing results in a nearly correct double helix is called viroid. Definisi ?


Pengertian X-Ray adalah: Subjek Definisi Science ? X-Ray : The electromagnetic radiations that lie between ultraviolet and gamma rays with a wavelength of 0.01-10 nm is called X-rays. Definisi ?


Pengertian viscera adalah: Subjek Definisi Science ? viscera : The internal organs of animals and humans especially the thorax and abdominal region is known as viscera. Definisi ?

X-ray Crystallography

Pengertian X-ray Crystallography adalah: Subjek Definisi Science ? X-ray Crystallography : The diffraction pattern seen after passing X-rays through a pure crystal substance is called X-ray crystallography. Read more on Crystal Symmetries: Base of Crystallography. Definisi ?


Pengertian viscosity adalah: Subjek Definisi Science ? viscosity : The internal friction of a fluid, thick fluids have a high viscosity and thin fluids low. Migas (Lemigas) (Minyak dan Gas) ? viscosity : viskositas; kekentalan : Tahanan fluida terhadap pengaliran yang umumnya dinyatakan dalam ukuran waktu yang diperlukan untuk mengalirkan cairan melalui lubang dengan ukuran tertentu. ( Definisi ?


Pengertian Y-chromosome adalah: Subjek Definisi Science ? Y-chromosome : The sex-determining chromosome in mammals and other animal species is known as Y chromosome. The XY chromosome contains SRY gene that triggers the development of the embryo as a male. Know more on Inherited Genetic Disorders. Definisi ?


Pengertian vitamins adalah: Subjek Definisi Science ? vitamins : The organic compound that is required as a nutrient by an organism and is often obtained from its diet is known as vitamins. The deficiency of vitamins can cause many diseases and illness in the organism. Definisi ?


Pengertian VoIP adalah: Subjek Definisi Science ? VoIP : It is the network that allows real time conversation by sending digital voice information in packet form over the Internet . It does not use the traditional circuit committed protocol that is used by public telephone networks. VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. Know more on Benefits of VoIP. Definisi ?


Pengertian voltage adalah: Subjek Definisi Science ? voltage : differences in potential (or electric state) related to the electrical forces that 'push' charges through a conductor. Can be thought of as the pressure which pushes electricity through a wire. Teknik Sipil ? voltage : Suatu ukuran potensial listrik. Definisi ?

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