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sub cardioid – (Multimedia)

Pengertian sub cardioid adalah: Subjek Definisi Audio ? sub cardioid : Bagian dari Uni Directional mempunyai pola penerimaan suara satu arah yang lebih sempit lagi dari pola cardioid. Definisi ?

subtractive – (Multimedia)

Pengertian subtractive adalah: Subjek Definisi fotografi ? subtractive : Sistem penyusunan balans warna dengan mengurangi unsure warna, suatu kebalikan dari additive atau menambahkan. Definisi ?

subjective poverty

Pengertian subjective poverty adalah: Subjek Definisi Sociology ? subjective poverty : a state of poverty composed of many dimensions, subjectively present when one’s actual income does not meet one’s expectations (Sumber: subjective poverty : People's own feelings and judgements about whether or not they are poor in relation to those other members of society […]

subjective social class

Pengertian subjective social class adalah: Subjek Definisi Sociology ? subjective social class : A person's own perception of his or her class position. (Sumber: Definisi ?

subordinate group

Pengertian subordinate group adalah: Subjek Definisi Sociology ? subordinate group : a group of people who have less power than the dominant group (Sumber: Definisi ?

subsistence farming

Pengertian subsistence farming adalah: Subjek Definisi Sociology ? subsistence farming : Farming to produce crops and livestock for consumption by the family rather than for sale in the market. (Sumber: subsistence farming : farming where farmers grow only enough to feed themselves and their families (Sumber: Definisi ?


Pengertian suburb adalah: Subjek Definisi Sociology ? suburb : A fairly small community within an urban area that includes a central city. (Sumber: suburbs : the communities surrounding cities, typically close enough for a daily commute (Sumber: suburbs : urban areas beyond the political boundaries of a city (Sumber: Definisi ?


Pengertian suburbanization adalah: Subjek Definisi Sociology ? suburbanization : growth of the suburbs. (Sumber: Definisi ?


Pengertian subculture adalah: Subjek Definisi Sociology ? subculture : A distinguishable group that shares a number of features with the dominant culture within which it exists while also having unique features such as language, customs, or values. (Sumber: subculture : A group that espouses a way of living that is different from that of […]

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