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natural population change

Pengertian natural population change adalah: Subjek Definisi Sociology ? natural population change : Changes in the size of a population due to changes in the number of births and deaths, excluding migration. Expressed as a natural increase (+) or decrease (–) in population. (Sumber: politybooks.com) Definisi ?

dependent population

Pengertian dependent population adalah: Subjek Definisi Sociology ? dependent population : That section of the population which is not in work and is supported by those who are, such as the under-18s (who are still at school or in training), pensioners, the unemployed and others living on welfare benefits. (Sumber: politybooks.com) Definisi ?

ageing population

Pengertian ageing population adalah: Subjek Definisi Sociology ? ageing population : A population in which the average age is getting higher, with a greater proportion of the population over retirement age, and a smaller proportion of young people. (Sumber: politybooks.com) Definisi ?

low population zone

Pengertian low population zone adalah: Subjek Definisi Nuklir Batan ? low population zone : zona populasi rendah : Daerah berpenduduk jarang yang sering disyaratkan di sekitar instalasi nuklir. (Sumber : batan.go.id – jika ada rumus, kunjungi website sumber.) Definisi ?

population parameter

Pengertian population parameter adalah: Subjek Definisi Sistem Informasi Rujukan Statistik (Sirusa) ? population parameter : Nilai yang tidak diketahui dan akan diduga. Parameter didapat dari nilai X unit sampel untuk mencari nilai dari N elemen populasi itu. Definisi ?

microbial population

Pengertian microbial population adalah: Subjek Definisi Microbiology ? microbial population : Total number of micro-organisms living in a given mass or volume of soil. Definisi ?

zero population growth

Pengertian zero population growth adalah: Subjek Definisi IPS / Ilmu Pengetahuan Sosial ? zero population growth : pertumbuhan penduduk 0% per tahun, yaitu jumlah penduduk lahir sama dengan jumlah penduduk mati. Sociology ? zero population growth (ZPG) : Population stability achieved when each woman has no more than two children. (Sumber: cuny.edu) zero population growth (ZPG) : The situation that occurs when the population of a nation or the world remains stable from one year […]

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