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modeling light – (Multimedia)

Pengertian modeling light adalah: Subjek Definisi Lighting ? modeling light (Flash) : The Hot Light in many Electronic Flash units which helps you to "see" the lighting. Tip: Modeling lights are not universally proportional to the Intensity of the flash tube. A truly "proportional" halogen model-ing light must be centered, diffused, and modulated to the various power levels of the flash. Even so, it is not proportional to daylight and other Ambient sources, so Test […]

light – (Multimedia)

Pengertian light adalah: Subjek Definisi Lighting ? light : see Spectrum (Sumber: lowel.tiffen.com) Lighting ? light, fixture, luminaire, instrument, fitting (UK) : The contraption, regardless of name and shape, that surrounds a Lamp. "Instrument" has theatrical overtones. (Sumber: lowel.tiffen.com) Definisi ?

light surgery – (Multimedia)

Pengertian light surgery adalah: Subjek Definisi Lighting ? light surgery * : Delicate operations performed on subjects to improve faulty or out-of-fashion features using a little light, a little shadow, and a lot of Finesse. (Sumber: lowel.tiffen.com) Definisi ?

low-angle light – (Multimedia)

Pengertian low-angle light adalah: Subjek Definisi Lighting ? low-angle light : The ideal Key, especially when Motivated, for villains, monsters and nymphs bathed by sun reflected from limpid pools. (Sumber: lowel.tiffen.com) Definisi ?

light hand – (Multimedia)

Pengertian light hand adalah: Subjek Definisi Lighting ? light hand : Its use is recommended for most lighting, color choices, and effects. (Sumber: lowel.tiffen.com) Definisi ?

light plan – (Multimedia)

Pengertian light plan adalah: Subjek Definisi Lighting ? light plan, light plot : A plan view of the Set or location showing some or all of the following: the position, height, type, and Size of the lights, their intensities, accessories, gels, beam shapes, etc. (Sumber: lowel.tiffen.com) Definisi ?

light quality – (Multimedia)

Pengertian light quality adalah: Subjek Definisi Lighting ? light quality : see Attributes of Light (though not synonymous) (Sumber: lowel.tiffen.com) Definisi ?

light reading – (Multimedia)

Pengertian light reading adalah: Subjek Definisi Lighting ? light reading, meter reading : Gathering Exposure and Contrast information with a light meter requires a light reading; learning to use the meter effectively requires heavy reading. Skillful meter use will tell you everything you want to know about the lighting, except whether it's any good. (Sumber: lowel.tiffen.com) Definisi ?

light change – (Multimedia)

Pengertian light change adalah: Subjek Definisi Lighting ? light change : To dim, Kill, or turn on your Lights while shooting. (Sumber: lowel.tiffen.com) Definisi ?

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