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uncountable noun

Pengertian uncountable noun adalah: Subjek Definisi Grammatical ? uncountable noun : The same as a noncount noun. (Sumber: write-site.athabascau.ca) Definisi ?

verb name

Pengertian verb name adalah: Subjek Definisi Grammatical ? verb name : The base form of the verb. (Sumber: write-site.athabascau.ca) Definisi ?

verb phrase

Pengertian verb phrase adalah: Subjek Definisi Grammatical ? verb phrase : A verb that consists of more than one word. A verb phrase can result from using: a) a particular verb tensee.g. Paul was hitting the ball over the fence.b) an auxiliarye.g. Paul didn't hit the ball over the fence.c) a modale.g. Paul can hit the ball over the fence.d) a phrasal verbe.g. Paul picked up the ball. (Sumber: write-site.athabascau.ca) Definisi ?

verb tense

Pengertian verb tense adalah: Subjek Definisi Grammatical ? verb tense : The same as tense. (Sumber: write-site.athabascau.ca) Definisi ?

wh word

Pengertian wh word adalah: Subjek Definisi Grammatical ? wh word : The same as a question word: who, what, where, when, why, and how. (Sumber: write-site.athabascau.ca) Definisi ?

word form

Pengertian word form adalah: Subjek Definisi Grammatical ? word form : A word stem may add prefixes and suffixes; the suffixes can determine if the word functions as a noun, verb, adjective or adverb: beauty, beautician (nouns), beautify (verb), beautiful (adjective), beautifully (adverb). (Sumber: write-site.athabascau.ca) Definisi ?

yes/no question

Pengertian yes/no question adalah: Subjek Definisi Grammatical ? yes/no question : A question that starts with a verb word and is answered with yes or no.e.g. Did you hit the ball over the fence? Yes, I did./ No, I didn't. (Sumber: write-site.athabascau.ca) Definisi ?

time diagram

Pengertian time diagram adalah: Subjek Definisi Grammatical ? time diagram : A diagram such as the ones in the Student Book that indicate how a verb tense is used, or to diagram the action of a sentence to help indicate the verb tense needed. (Sumber: write-site.athabascau.ca) Definisi ?

time expression

Pengertian time expression adalah: Subjek Definisi Grammatical ? time expression : A group of words or a phrase that provides information or a clue as to when an event occurred. (Sumber: write-site.athabascau.ca) Definisi ?


Pengertian transition adalah: Subjek Definisi Grammatical ? transition : A word or words used to connect one sentence to another, or one paragraph to another. Transitions help to maintain the flow of writing.e.g. Paul hit the ball over the fence. As a result, he couldn't find it again. (Sumber: write-site.athabascau.ca) Definisi ?

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