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filter – (Travel)

Pengertian filter adalah: Subjek Definisi Menyiapkan Kamar Untuk Tamu ? filter : Saringan (Sumber : Definisi ?

warming filter – (Multimedia)

Pengertian warming filter adalah: Subjek Definisi Lighting ? warming filter : Subtracts excess blue or adds sunset-candlelight- like glow to a shot. (Sumber: Definisi ?

star filter – (Multimedia)

Pengertian star filter adalah: Subjek Definisi Lighting ? star filter : A clear glass filter with engraved lines that turn tiny Kicks into star-like streaks. There are many options and sizes when you wish upon a star filter. (Sumber: Definisi ?

heat filter – (Multimedia)

Pengertian heat filter adalah: Subjek Definisi Lighting ? heat filter (lights) : A Transparent filter that removes much of the Infrared (heat) from a light source. (Sumber: Definisi ?

graduated filter – (Multimedia)

Pengertian graduated filter adalah: Subjek Definisi Lighting ? graduated filter, grad : A filter with modulated-color or gray areas which can be oriented in front of the camera to control Contrast or add color to part of a scene. Also see: Attenuator. (Sumber: Definisi ?

fog filter – (Multimedia)

Pengertian fog filter adalah: Subjek Definisi Lighting ? fog filter : One of many special camera filters that introduce image Diffusion, smearing of Highlights, and light-ening of dark areas. The "fog," however, neither moves nor increases with distance. For those, use a . . . (Sumber: Definisi ?

filter factor – (Multimedia)

Pengertian filter factor adalah: Subjek Definisi Lighting ? filter factor : The Exposure correction needed to compensate for light losses due to a filter. Through-the-Lens Meter-ing automatically compensates for most filters. (Sumber: Definisi ?

85 filter – (Multimedia)

Pengertian 85 filter adalah: Subjek Definisi Lighting ? 85 filter : A salmon-colored filter that enables standard Tungsten Film stock to take on average daylight without turning blue in the face. Some labs are prepared to compensate for shots made without the 85 filter. (Sumber: Definisi ?

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