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Debian Policy Manual – (Teknologi Informasi)

Pengertian Debian Policy Manual adalah: Subjek Definisi Linux ? Debian Policy Manual : A (packaged) document describing what packages should contain, how they should be configured, and generally how packages fit together to create a Debian system. (Sumber : wiki.debian.org) Definisi ?

Debian Project – (Teknologi Informasi)

Pengertian Debian Project adalah: Subjek Definisi Linux ? Debian Project : An organization of free software developers spread around the world with a common goal: to produce a completely free operating system. See the Debian web pages for more information. (Sumber : wiki.debian.org) Definisi ?

Debian Project Leader – (Teknologi Informasi)

Pengertian Debian Project Leader adalah: Subjek Definisi Linux ? Debian Project Leader (DPL) : The official representative of the Debian Project to the outside world, with internal managerial and coordinatory duties; elected annually. See https://www.debian.org/devel/leader. (Sumber : wiki.debian.org) Definisi ?

Debian Project News – (Teknologi Informasi)

Pengertian Debian Project News adalah: Subjek Definisi Linux ? Debian Project News (DPN) : A newsletter sent out roughly every two weeks to debian-news collecting information of interest to the Debian community in general. (Sumber : wiki.debian.org) Definisi ?

Debian Pure Blends – (Teknologi Informasi)

Pengertian Debian Pure Blends adalah: Subjek Definisi Linux ? Debian Pure Blends : A subset of Debian that is configured to support a particular target group out-of-the-box. Debian Pure Blends were formerly known as Custom Debian Distributions (CDD). (Sumber : wiki.debian.org) Definisi ?

Debian Security Advisory – (Teknologi Informasi)

Pengertian Debian Security Advisory adalah: Subjek Definisi Linux ? Debian Security Advisory (DSA) : A warning message sent to the debian-security-announce mailinglist about a security alert for Debian software with available fixes. Not to be confused with the DSA team. (Sumber : wiki.debian.org) Definisi ?

Debian System Administrators – (Teknologi Informasi)

Pengertian Debian System Administrators adalah: Subjek Definisi Linux ? Debian System Administrators (DSA) : The Debian System Administrators team, who handle the basic infrastructure of the project. Not to be confused with DSA messages. (Sumber : wiki.debian.org) Definisi ?

Debian Weekly News – (Teknologi Informasi)

Pengertian Debian Weekly News adalah: Subjek Definisi Linux ? Debian Weekly News (DWN) : A newsletter that ran (less regularly than the name suggests) from 1999 until 2007; replaced by the Debian Project News. (Sumber : wiki.debian.org) Definisi ?

Debian Women – (Teknologi Informasi)

Pengertian Debian Women adalah: Subjek Definisi Linux ? Debian Women (D-W) : A subproject founded in 2004 to encourage more women to use Debian and to join the Debian project. The Debian-Women initiative is supported by both men and women. (Sumber : wiki.debian.org) Definisi ?

debports – (Teknologi Informasi)

Pengertian debports adalah: Subjek Definisi Linux ? debports : A service, now hosted at ports.debian.org, which hosts ports that do not currently qualify as official release architectures and are not yet (or no longer) integrated into the main archives. (Sumber : wiki.debian.org) Definisi ?

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