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convergence – (Ekonomi / Bisnis)

Pengertian convergence adalah: Subjek Definisi Bank ? convergence : Describes an inevitable change in the relationship between cash and futures prices for instruments until delivery. Prior to delivery, the futures price and the cash price differ by the cost of carry. As time passes, the cost of carry diminishes and the futures price will equal the cash price at the time of delivery. This is a necessary condition for the futures contract to effectively hedge […]

technological convergence

Pengertian technological convergence adalah: Subjek Definisi Sociology ? technological convergence : Where several media technologies, once contained in separate devices, are combined in a single device. (Sumber: Definisi ?

cultural convergence

Pengertian cultural convergence adalah: Subjek Definisi Sociology ? cultural convergence : The way new media users engage with a range of media content delivered in a variety of ways, and the ways they seek out, share and make connections between this content, and make sense of it. (Sumber: Definisi ?

convergence theory

Pengertian convergence theory adalah: Subjek Definisi Sociology ? convergence theory : a sociological theory to explain how and why societies move toward similarity over time as their economies develop (Sumber: convergence theory : A theory suggesting that modernizing nations come to resemble one another over time. In collective behavior, a theory suggesting that certain crowds attract particular types of people, who may behave irrationally. (Sumber: Definisi ?

Intertropical Convergence Zone

Pengertian Intertropical Convergence Zone adalah: Subjek Definisi Satelit Meteorologi ( ? Intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) : Wilayah konvektif yang memisahkan angin-angin pasat. Definisi ?


Pengertian convergence adalah: Subjek Definisi Satelit Meteorologi ( ? convergence : Udara yang secara horizontal datang secara yang dapat menyebabkan pengangkatan massa udara. Definisi ?