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consolidated bank supervision – (Ekonomi / Bisnis)

Pengertian consolidated bank supervision adalah: Subjek Definisi Bank ? consolidated bank supervision : Supervision of banks on a consolidated basis, extending downstream to subsidiaries and upstream to the holding company. The method of consolidated bank supervision is supplementary to the solo-basis method of bank supervision customarily applied by the supervisory authority. When using the consolidated supervision method, the supervisory authority incorporates potential risk in the subsidiaries and holding company of the bank Definisi ?

consolidated statements – (Ekonomi / Bisnis)

Pengertian consolidated statements adalah: Subjek Definisi Bank ? consolidated statements : Consolidated financial statements show the combined assets, liabilities, net worth, income, expense, net income, and cash flows for a related group of companies. Unlike simpler combined statements, consolidated statements do not merely show the aggregate of the values for each line item for all of the firms in the group. Instead, consolidated statements also reflect the elimination of intercompany transactions. Consolidated statements disregard the […]

consolidated capital – (Ekonomi / Bisnis)

Pengertian consolidated capital adalah: Subjek Definisi Akuntansi ? consolidated capital : Konsolidasi modal mencakup semua aset dan uang yang digunakan dalam operasi bisnis sehari-hari. Accounting ? consolidated capital : Consolidated capital includes all the assets and money that is used in day-to-day business operations. Definisi ?

consolidated financial statements – (Ekonomi / Bisnis)

Pengertian consolidated financial statements adalah: Subjek Definisi Accounting ? consolidated financial statements : Combined financial statements of a parent company and one or more of its subsidiaries as one economic unit. consolidated financial statements : Present financial information about the group as a single reporting entity. Definisi ?

consolidated omnibus budget reconciliation act of 1985 – (Ekonomi / Bisnis)

Pengertian consolidated omnibus budget reconciliation act of 1985 adalah: Subjek Definisi HR Glossary ? consolidated omnibus budget reconciliation act of 1985 (COBRA) : This ‍act was signed into law in 1986. COBRA requires employers that provide ‍group benefits to employees through a group plan to also provide group ‍benefits to qualified beneficiaries with the right to elect to continue their ‍coverage for a certain period of time after their coverage would otherwise ‍terminate, with a […]

consolidated financial statement – (Ekonomi / Bisnis)

Pengertian consolidated financial statement adalah: Subjek Definisi Akuntansi ? consolidated financial statement : laporan keuangan yang dikonsolidasi Akuntansi ? consolidated financial statement : Laporan keuangan konsolidasi adalah pernyataan yang komprehensif yang memberikan rincian tentang semua aset, kewajiban dan operasi account perusahaan induk dan anak perusahaan di bawah ini, jika ada. Accounting ? consolidated financial statement : A consolidated financial statement is a comprehensive statement that gives details regarding all the assets, liabilities and operating accounts […]

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