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conflict of interest – (Ekonomi / Bisnis)

Pengertian conflict of interest adalah: Subjek Definisi Dalam istilah Ekonomi ? conflict of interest : (Benturan Kepentingan) Perbedaan antara kepentingan ekonomis Perusahaan dengan kepentingan ekonomis pribadi direktur, komisaris, atau pemegang saham utama Perusahaan Job Seekers ? conflict of interest : an association with a candidate through a business or personal relationship that could influence or appear to influence the fairness of the competition process KSEI ? conflict of interest (benturan kepentingan) : Perbedaan antara kepentingan […]

social conflict

Pengertian social conflict adalah: Subjek Definisi Sociology ? social conflict : struggle between segments of society over valued resources (Sumber: Definisi ?

role conflict

Pengertian role conflict adalah: Subjek Definisi Sociology ? role conflict : A situation in which two or more roles, possibly work and family, occupied by an individual are in conflict. (Sumber: role conflict : A situation in which two or more social roles make incompatible demands on a person. (Sumber: role conflict : a situation when one or more of an individual’s roles clash (Sumber: role conflict : incompatibility among the roles […]

cultural conflict

Pengertian cultural conflict adalah: Subjek Definisi Sociology ? cultural conflict : political opposition, often accompanied by social hostility, rooted in different cultural values (Sumber: Definisi ?

conflict approach

Pengertian conflict approach adalah: Subjek Definisi Sociology ? conflict approach : One of the major theoretical perspectives in sociology: emphasizes the importance of unequal power and conflict in society.Weberian conflict theorists stress inequality and conflict based on class, status, power; Marxian theorists emphasize conflict and inequality based on ownership of the means of production. (Sumber: Definisi ?

conflict perspective

Pengertian conflict perspective adalah: Subjek Definisi Sociology ? conflict perspective : a framework for building theory that envisages society as an arena of inequality that generates conflict and change (Sumber: Definisi ?

conflict theory

Pengertian conflict theory adalah: Subjek Definisi Sociology ? conflict theory : a theory that examines social and economic factors as the causes of criminal deviance (Sumber: conflict theory : addresses the points of stress and conflict in society and the ways in which they contribute to social change. (Sumber: conflict theory : Marx’s theory that in any capitalist society there is eternal conflict between the owners of the means of production and the […]

conflict view of deviance

Pengertian conflict view of deviance adalah: Subjek Definisi Sociology ? conflict view of deviance : The view that purports that equality in a capitalist society is an illusion. The owners of the means of production have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo by keeping the working class in a disadvantaged position. (Sumber: Definisi ?

class conflict

Pengertian class conflict adalah: Subjek Definisi Sociology ? class conflict : antagonism between entire classes over the distribution of wealth and power in society (Sumber: class conflict : The conflict that arises between different social classes. It is generally used to describe the conflict between the bourgeoisie and proletariat in Marxist views of society. See also Marxism. (Sumber: class conflict : The struggle between competing classes, specifically between the class that owns the […]


Pengertian conflict adalah: Subjek Definisi Linguistik ? conflict : Ketegangan yang timbul akibat hal yang saling bertentangan atau ketidakcocokkan antartokoh dalam suatu lakon. Sociology ? conflict : A clash of interest (sometimes escalating to active struggle) between individuals, groups or society. (Sumber: conflict : A form of social interaction involving direct struggle between individuals or groups over commonly valued resources or goals. Differs from competition because individuals are more interested in defeating an opponent […]

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