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axial or axis lighting – (Multimedia)

Pengertian axial or axis lighting adalah: Subjek Definisi Lighting ? axial or axis lighting : Illumination from the lens axis using light reflected from a partially mirrored glass angled 45 degrees in front of the lens. Used primarily for medical and scientific recording where access or shadows are a problem. Also see: Ring Flash. (Sumber: lowel.tiffen.com) Definisi ?

axial peaking factor

Pengertian axial peaking factor adalah: Subjek Definisi Nuklir Batan ? axial peaking factor : faktor puncak aksial : Rasio densitas daya lokal maksimum arah aksial terhadap densitas daya rerata dalam reaktor nuklir. (Sumber : batan.go.id – jika ada rumus, kunjungi website sumber.) Definisi ?

axial filament

Pengertian axial filament adalah: Subjek Definisi Microbiology ? axial filament : Found in spirochetes, it is the organ of motility. Definisi ?

axial plane

Pengertian axial plane adalah: Subjek Definisi Geologi EN ? axial plane : A plane through a rock fold that includes the axis and divides the fold as symmetrically as possible. Definisi ?

axial skeleton

Pengertian axial skeleton adalah: Subjek Definisi Biologi ? axial skeleton. Bagian rangka tubuh vertebrata yang terdiri atas tengkorak dan tulang belakang dengan tulang rusuk dan tulang dada yang menempel pada tulang belakang. Definisi ?