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16141. zona ekonomi eksklusif
(zona ekonomi eksklusif (ZEE) : Ukuran batas laut yang tidak boleh melebihi 200 mil laut dari garis pangkal dari mana lebar laut diukur. Dalam ZEE, negara yang bersangkutan mempunyai hak More…
16142. zone pricing
(zone pricing : penentuan harga berdasarkan daerah)
16143. zoning
(zoning : A designation given to a particular geographic area by the local government to regulate the type of use and the density of development permitted for properties in that area. For More…
16144. zoning variance
(zoning variance : An exception made in the zoning rule by the local government is zoning variance.)
16145. ‍resume
(‍resume : A resume is a brief Listing of an applicant‘s work)
16146. ‍‍expedited arbitration
(‍‍expedited arbitration : Expedited arbitration is an attempt to speed up the‍ arbitration process. It may include an arrangement with the arbitrator for‍ him or her to be available on short More…
16147. ‍‍immigration reform and control act of 1986
(‍‍immigration reform and control act of 1986 : Employers are required to ‍screen out unauthorized aliens. The act requires an employment verification systems, a good faith effort, and More…
16148. ‍‍jobholder reports
(‍‍jobholder reports : Jobholder reports are reports to employees about the‍ firm‘s economic performance.‍)
16149. ‍‍organizing committee
(‍‍organizing committee : An organizing committee consists of employees who ‍guide the efforts needed to organize their fellow workers into a Labor‍ organization.‍)
16150. ‍‍personal leave days
(‍‍personal leave days : Personal leave days are normal workdays that an employee is entitled to take off. (In some firms personal leave days are used‍ instead of sick days.)‍)
16151. ‍‍repetition
(‍‍repetition : Repetition facilitates learning through repeated review of the material to be learned.‍)