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1. abrading
abrading : The use of materials such as glasspaper, wet-or-dry paper, sanding discs, etc. to smooth down a surface prior to painting, or to matt down existing coatings to provide a More…
2. absorbency
absorbency : The degree to which a surface can soak up a liquid. Some surfaces have varying absorbency, for instance, softwoods vary in grain pattern. One of the requirements of a primer is More…
3. accelerated weathering
accelerated weathering : Laboratory or field tests intended to simulate natural outdoor weathering in an intensified or accelerated degree. There is no generally accepted type of laboratory More…
4. acrylic
acrylic : A waterborne latex used in emulsion paint and universally accepted. A synthetic polymer used in high performance latex or water-based paints as the paint's binder acrylic More…
5. acrylic emulsions
acrylic emulsions : These are prepared from acrylic derivatives and normally show very good toughness and adhesion even under wet conditions as well as very good alkali resistance.
6. adhesion
adhesion : The degree of attachment of a paint coating to a surface. Weak adhesion of paint to a surface is a common cause of paint failure. The quality or degree of attachment between a More…
7. adhesion failure on metal
adhesion failure on metal : Adhesion failure on metal substrates, resulting in blistering, flaking/delamination and corrosion, is usually due either to surface contamination or poor surface More…
8. aggregate
aggregate : A collection of minerals, i.e. fine particles of stone, grit, mica, etc. which provide the textured finish of materials, such as Weather-coat No.1.
9. air-drying
air-drying : A description used for paints that dry solely or mainly during exposure to air at normal temperatures, as distinct from those that require heat-treatment (stoving and More…
10. aisle
aisle : The side portions of a church parallel to the knave. Any passage way divided off by pillars.
11. alcove
alcove : A recess or niche; sometimes flanked by columns.
12. alkali resisting primer
alkali resisting primer : A paint used as a barrier to alkaline substances in the surface which would otherwise attack the paint film. Alkaline surfaces which are continually damp are not More…
13. alkyd
alkyd : A type of "synthetic" resin that is built up from relatively simple non-resinous components. In practice an alkyd varnish is made by adding such components to a drying oil More…
14. angle iron
angle iron : Used to describe any cast or rolled steel strip of L section.
15. anodising
anodising : A method of treating aluminium or light alloy to provide a non-corroding oxide film on the surface of the metal.
16. anti-corrosive
anti-corrosive : A general term for paints used to prevent the corrosion of metal, especially of iron and steel.
17. anti-fouling
anti-fouling : Compositions used to prevent the growth of barnacles, arine weed and other organisms on ships' bottoms.
18. architrave
architrave : A carpentry term which describes the moulding surrounding a door or window opening.
19. arris
arris : The sharp edge formed by the intersection of two surfaces. This term is commonly used to refer to the edges in a moulding.
20. asbestos cement
asbestos cement : Usually refers to a type of asbestos sheet, or to casting where the asbestos is bonded together with Portland cement, e.g. asbestos, cement sheet, tiles, rain-water pipes, More…