Glosarium Istilah Online Indonesia
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a classic, a la carte, a non-affiliate reservation, A.M.C, A.O.G, A.O.M, A.P.B, A.P.U, A.T.A, A.T.C, A.T.D, ability, above average hotel, ACC, accommodation, account, account number, account payable officer, account receivable officer, account settlements, accruals, achievements, active, ADC, add-on fare, additional charge, additional cleaning, ADF, adjacent rooms, adjoining room dan connecting room, adjoining rooms, adult, advance deposit, advance reservation deposit, advanced payment, advisory, aerial work, aeritis media, aero catering, aero cleaning, aerodentalgia, aerodrome, aerodynamic, aeronautic, affiliate reservation, AFIS, agent rate, Agoda, agrowisata, air lane rate, air space, airborne, aircrew, airfare, airframe, airlaw, airline, airlines rates, airlines voucher, airman, airport, airport helper, airport hotel, airport limousine, airport service charge, airport shuttle, airport tax, airport transfer, airtime, AiryRooms, aisle seat, akomodasi, ala carte breakfast, all-inclusive, allotmant, allotment, alternate aerodrome, altimeter, altitude, amandement of reservation, amendments, amenities, american breakfast, American breakfast, american plan, American plan, AMEX, amphibian, AMS, amusement park hotel, an affiliate reservation, analisis SWOT, angle of attack, anoxia, apartment, APP, appetizer, approach, approval number, approved, apron, aquaplanning, arcade, ARR, arrival, arrunk, arung jeram, assets, assistan front office manager, assistant general manager atau executive assistan manager, asthray, aturan 20/10, audit, auxiliary service operator, available room, average occupancy, average room rate, aviation, a’la carte


babymoon, backpack, backpacker, backpacking, bad debts journal, bagasi, bagasi kabin, baggage, baggage allounce, baggage allowance, baggage claim area, baggage tag, bain-marie, bandara, bandara hotel, banguet, bar atau lounge, barang bagasi, barquette, basic fare, bath foam, bath mat, bath robe, bath tub, bath tube, bathroom amenities, bathroom equipment, bathroom supplies, beach hotel, beaujolais, bed & breakfast, bed and breakfast plan, beer, behaviour, bell desk, bellboy, bellboy control sheet, bellboy errand card, belt loader, berjalan-jalan, berkemah, berlayar, berlibur, Bermuda plan, best available rate, beverage list, bill, binding, biro perjalanan wisata, black box, blance, blanket, bleed air, blending, block, block off, block on, block to block time, block-out date, blocking card, blocking room, blocking rooms, bloking card, bloking room, boarding, boarding airline, boarding pass, boarding point, boarding ticket, BOH, bon go, book keeping rate, booking,, bourtas, boutique hotel, brasseries, bread, bread and butter knife, bread and butter plate, break event point, breakfast, breakfast buffet, bridal room, brief case, briefing office, brokepacking, budget hotel, budget travel, budget/low-cost airlines, buffet, buffet breakfast, buffet dan a la carte, bungalow, bungalows hotel, bunk bed, bus, business hotel, butler, butter knife, butter spreader, BYO


C of A, C of H, C of R, C.I.Q, C/A, cabatt, cabin, cabin attendant, cabin crew, cabin one, caddy, cake loaf, canape, cancel, cancel fee, cancellation, cancellation fee, cancellation number, cancelled, candies, canning, captain order, career break, cargo, cargo compartment, carman, carry-on luggage, carrying member, carter travel, cash basis, cash float, cash flow, cash receipt, cash received, cash register, cash sales, cashier, casino hotel, catalaries, cellar, change date, charge to room, charging & billing, charter airline, CHD, cheating, check in, check in counter, check out, check out time, check-in, check-in time, check-in time & late check-out time, check-out, check-out time, checked baggage, chef, chef de rang, cheques cek, chief accounting, chief engineer, child, children, chinaware, CI, cinderamata, cindramata, cinetourism, CIQ, citra wisata, city hotel, city ledger, city tour, classic menu, cleaning agent, clear up, clear-up, cliff hotel, climbing, closed, club, CO, CO.PAM, coaster, cockpit, cocktail, cocktail lounge, coffee shop, coffee table, collateral matters, comail, comb, commercial rate, commission earnings, common, comp, company account, company channel, company rates, compensation, complementary, complimentary, computer reservation system, concierge, condiments, condiminium, conference, confidential tariff, confirm, confirmed booking, confirmed reservation, connecting flight, connecting room, connecting rooms, consular information sheets, consumer show, contaminate, continental, continental breakfast, continental plan, continue itinerary, contract rate, control air space, controller, conttage, convention, conventional hotel, conveyor belt, cookies, coorporate, copil, corkage, corporate owner, corporate rate, cost control officer, cottage, couchsurfing, cover chair, cover glass, crash, cream soup, credit card, credit cards, crew member, crockery, cross culture, cross-training, CRS, cruising, cubs, cuff, cup, cure hotel, currency, curring, customer, customer service, cutlery, cutting


daerah transit, daily flight, daily inventory, daily newspaper, daily report, daily transaction and report, dangerous good, darmawisata, database, day tag, day use, day use rate, daya tarik wisata, daycation, daypack, DD, DD card, dd card, dealing room, delay, deluxe, deluxe hotel, deluxe room, demi glace, departure, deplaining point, deposit, depreciation, dermaga, descending, dessert, dessert fork, dessert knife and fork, dessert plate, destination, DG, dicing, digital detox, dinner fork, dinner knife, dinner knife and fork, dinner plate, dinner spoon, dinning room, dipatcher, direct flight, discoloration, disembarkation, dish, display, ditching, divert, divert flight, diving, DL, DND, do not disturb, DO/ED, doga, dogcation, DOI, domestic flight, doorman, dorm, dorm bed, dormitory, DOS, DOT, double bed, double double room, double lock, double occoupincy, double occupancy, double room, down town hotel, downgrade, downwind, draft, draught beer, drip dry, drop-off charge, dry cleaning, dumping fuel, duplicate reservation, during operation, dust bin, duty manager, duve


e-ticket, E.C.W.H, E.T.A, E.T.D, EA, early arrival, EB, economy hotel, ED, ekowisata, elektronik tiket, embarkation, emergency landing, en route, endorsable, endorsement, engineering, english breakfast, English breakfast, entertainment, entrée, escorted tours, estimate time arrival, estimate time departure, ETA, ETD, European plan, excess baggage, exchange voucher, excursion, executive housekeep, executive housekeeper, executive manager, executive suite, exit permit, expected arrival, expected arrival detail, expected arrival list, expected departure, expected departure list, express check-out, express service, extend, extend operating hours, external assistance, extra bed, extra crew, extras-add ons


F & B manager, F.I.R, F.I.S, F.O, F.O.O, faded, failing cabinet, family hotel, family rate, family room, family suite, fare, fasilitas, FC, festival, festonner, fillet, financial report, FIR, first class hotel, FIT, fix date, fixed flight, flambee, flashpacker, flat dry, flight, flight attendance, flight control, flight coupon, flight deck crew, flight document, flight engineering, flight information sheet, flight instrument, flight level, flight movement, flight number, flight operation, flight plan, flight postponed, flight regulation, flight safety card, flight service, flight time, flightseeing, floatel, flocation, flower vase, flute, FOC, follow-up, food & beverage manager, food stall, force landing, force majeure, foreign currency, fragile goods, fragnant, frappe, free airport shuttle, free internet access, freezing, freight flight, frequent stay guest, front desk, front office cashiering, front office manager, frying, full American plan, full board, full breakfast, full day, full house, full rate, fully book, fully booked, functions


G.P.U, G.S.E, G.T.C, gaillac, gap, gap year, garnish, garniture, gateaux, gendarme, gendee, general manager, general marketing, ghost, glamping, glass ware, globetrotter, go around, go show, go show fee, goblet, gourmet, grand master key, gratinated, gratinating, greek coffee, greeter, grey nomad, GRO, groceries, groom, ground mechanic, ground time, grounded, group, group rate, group status report, guaranteed arrival, guarantet letter, gueridon, gueridon service, guest account, guest card, guest elevator, guest folio, guest house, guest in the house, guest napkin, guest supply, guesthouse, guide tape for flat work ironer


H.F Comm, half board, half day, hand caddy, handicap passenger, handicap room, handling passenger, head table, high season, high/peak season surcharge, highway hotel, hold back, holding area, holding bay, holiday hotel, hollandaise, homestay, hoo ha, hors d’ouvre plate, hospitality, hospitality industry, host bank, hostel, hot appetizer, hot dessert, hotel, hotel account, hotel berbintang 1, hotel berbintang 2, hotel berbintang 3, hotel berbintang 4, hotel berbintang 5, hotel besar, hotel bintang dua, hotel bintang empat, hotel bintang lima, hotel bintang satu, hotel bintang tiga, hotel garni, hotel kecil, hotel menengah, hotel sedang, hotelier, house keeping, house phone, house use, housekeeping, housekeeping department, housekeeping report, HU, hub and spoke, hum O/B, human resources development manager, hygiene


I.A.T.A, I.C.A.O, I.L.S, ice bucket, ILS, in flight service, in-charge, in-house promotion, inadmissible passenger, incentive travel, include, inclusive tour, income officers, independen travel, infant, information service, information sheet, ink go, inking ribbon polymark, inn, instruction flight, interchange flight, interline, interline point, internal customer, internary, internet access, intuitive medical, inventory, irish coffee, irregularity, issued, italian dressing, itenerary, itinerary


jam pot, jambalaya, janitory, jenis kamar, jetiquette, joining room, journal, journal entry, jungle hotel, junior suite


kacamata, kamar mandi, kampung halaman, karya seni, kawasan pariwisata, Keatsirian, keindahan, kepariwisataan, keragaman, kesenian, kespen, kilpatrick, king bed, king or queen bed, king size bed, KNKT, kode booking, kolam renang, konsultan wisata, koper, kuliner


lake hotel, laksa, lanai, landed, landing, large bed, large hotel, late cancelation, late check out, laundry department, laundry list, layanan biaya, LCO, leaving for, leg, liburan, lift, linen, linen attendant, linen control sheet, linnen, linnen closet, liqueurs, load control, load factor, load master, load message, load sheet, loading, loading instruction, lobby, lobby lizard, local contact, lokal, long-stay guest, losmen, lost and found, low season, LSG, luggage, luggage rack, luggage tag, lukisan


main course, main wheel, maintenance, making bed, malt whisky, manager, mancation, margasatwa, marina, market place trend, market trend, marketing, marketing and sales director, married segment, master key, MATS, medium hotel, melancong, melaut, memancing, menu, menu degustation, metals, mini bar, minibar, minimum connecting time, miscellaneous chargers order, mise en place, missconnection, mocktail, moctail, MOD, moderate, modified american plan, molton, momcation, morning call, motel, motor hotel, moulton, mountain hotel, musium


nachos, name tag, napkin, narrow body aircraft, NAT, nationality, nav aid, neatness, neighboring rooms, neighcation, net, no luggage, no operation, no record passenger, no show, no show guest, no show passenger, no smoking seat, non carrying airline, non endorse, non extend, non refund, non reroute, non-refundable rate, non-smoking, non-stop flight, nose wheel, notam, notoc, NTA


O, O/W, OC, occoupied, occoupied clean, occoupied dirty, occupancy, ocean front, ocean view, OD, off load, office check, omelet, omelette, on board, on schedule, on the hour, on the job, on time, one dish meal, one way, ONL, OO, OOO, open date, open jaw, opendate ticket, operating weight, opposite room, oriental breakfast, origin, originating airline, OS, OSI, OTA, out of order, over booking, over carried, over flying, over head, over load, over run, over sale


P.A, P.A.D, P.A.P, P.I.C, P.I.S, P.T.M, P/A, package, pajak pertambahan nilai, pakansi, paket travel, pallet, pameran, pantry, pariwisata, pariwisata bahari, pariwisata ke dalam batas, pariwisata ke luar batas, paspor, pasport, pass key, passenger name record, passport, pasting, pastry, pax, pax go show, pax no show, paxman, pay tax, peach,, pelabuhan, pelaju, pelancong, pelayanan lalu lintas udara, pemandangan, pengunjung, pension, penthouse, per O/B, perahu, perchloroethylene solvent, perishable goods, perjalanan insentif, perkemahan, personal grooming, personal hygiene, personal manager, pesawat, petit four, petty cash, petualangan, pick up service, pig in the pen, piknik, pillow, pillow case, pizza, plant engineer, PMR, PNR, PNR addres, poisson, polimark solvent, polyester padding, polymark solvent, polymark tape, pondok wisata, pondok wisata biru, pondok wisata kuning, pondok wisata merah, pool side, porter, position flight, positioning, post flight service, pra, pramuswisata, pre flight service, pre operation, pre payment, pre registration, pre-payments, predesignated points, preflight checked, prepaid ticket advice, preparing, presentation sales, president suite, presidential, prespotting, pri, price list, print preview, produk wisata, profit & loss, profit and loss statement, promotion rate, psikografik, PSR, public announcements, publish rate, published rate, purchasing and reciving officer, purser, pushback car, pyratex


quality assurance, quartet room, queen bed, quick go


R.T.A, R.T.B, R/M, R/O, R/T, rack rate, radar, radar wx, ramp handling, ramp weight, rate, ravine hotel, RC, rebook, rebooking, receiption desk, reception, reconciliation, reconfirm, reconfirmation, recreation director, redirected, refund, refund fee, refundable, register, reimburse, reissued, rekreasi, reliefe, reroute, reroute fee, resepsionis, reservasi, reservation, reservation guarantee, reservation histories, reservation non guarantee, reservation rack, reservation slip, reservation transaction report, reserved, residential hotel, resort, resort hotel, resthouse, restoran, return, return inwards journal, return outwards journal, revalidation, revenue, rewash, rice bowl, riverside hotel, RNAV, rombongan, RON, roo boy sheet, room across the hall, room amenities, room attendant, room attendant control sheet, room availability report, room change, room divition manager, room occupancy, room only, room rack, room rack slip, room rate, room section, room service, room supplies, room type, round the world, route, routes manual, routing, RSVP, RTW trip, rudder, run of house, run of the house, run up, running, runway, rush clean, rust go, RVSM


S.O.M, sabbatical, safari, safe deposit, safe deposit box, safety belt, safety regulation, salad, salad dressing, salamander, sales & marketing, sales call, same day service, same floor, satisfaction, saucer, saucier, saute, scale, schedule, schedule airline, schedule change, season, seasonal hotel, seaview/pool view/city view, security check, security director, segment, segmentation, selancar, selcal, seleble room, sell merchandise, semi residential hotel, service charge, service elevator, serviced apartment, set menu, sewing kit, shallot, shallow frying, shirt band, shirt board, show case, shower cup, shower curtain, showing, shred, side stand, side table, sieve, silk hanger, silver service, singgah, single, single bed, single room, sirloin, sistem untuk menghindari tabrakan udara, skeper, skewer, skim, skip, skipper, skyper, sleep out, slice, slippery guard, slippery guard/grippo guard, slurry, small hotel, smoking, smoking seat, snorkeling, SO, soccu, solivagant, solo traveling, sommelier, sous chef, spacation, spafari, spaghetti, special arrival list, special rate, special request, speed brake, spice, spirit, spotting, squeeze, SSR, stain card, standard, standard room, standard suite, standing ashtray, standing buffet, stationary, stationery folder, stay over, stay-over, staycation, STCR, steam, steam presses, stew, stop over, stop way, stripping, studio, suaka marga satwa, suburban hotel, sugar work, suite, suite room, summer hotel, sunny side up, super single bed, superior, superior room, supreme sauce, surburb hotel, surcharge, surface wind, surfing, sweet dough


T.I.M, T.Z.F.W, table d’hote, table set up, table-linen, table-napkin, table-wine, take off, take off data, taman air, taman buru, taman hutan raya, taman nasional, taman safari, taman wisata, tanjidor, tarling, taxi, taxi out, taxi way, taxi-holding position, TCA, telephone operator, tempat istirahat, tempat tidur, tempat wisata, tenderloin, teppanyaki, terminal, thermopach tape, thres hold, ticketing time limit, tiket,, time limit, time table, toast, TODA, today arrival list, today departure list, tofu, tonic water, TORA, torten, tortillas, touch down, tourist hotel, tours, track, trade show, tradisionil, traincation, transient hotel, transit, transit hotel, transit passenger, transportasi, travel, travel agent, travel bug, travel peringatan, traveling, traveling salesman problem, traveller cheque, travellers cheques,, tray, trayek, trend marketing, trimming, trip, TripAdvisor, triple bed, triple room, Trivago, tumbler, tureen, turis, turkish coffee, turn down, turn down service, turn-away report, twin bed, twin bedroom, twin room, twixmas


U M, U.C, U.F.N, U.T.C, UG, UIR, umroh, unaccompanied minor, unccompanied bag, unchecked baggage, under load, under stay, underliner, uniformend, unknown, unloading, up grade, updating, upgrading passenger, upper deck, urban hotel


V, V.I.P, V.I.P movement, V.O.R, vacant, vacant clean, vacant dirty, vacation packages, vacuum, vagabond, valet butler, valet laundry, valet parking, validity, VC, VCI, VD, very important person, VHF comm, viewer, villa, visa, visibility, vodka, void, void fee, volunturism, voucher, vouchers


wahana, waiter, waiting list, waiting lounge, wake up call, walk in, walk in guest, walking guest, wanderlust, wardrobes, water goblet, WCHR, weekend rate, weighcation, weight and balance, whirlpool, whisky, wide body aircraft, widyawisata, wifi, WIG, wind shield, window seat, wine, wine list, wisata, wisata alam, wisata bahari, wisata budaya, wisata buru, wisata domestik, wisata karya, wisata minat khusus, wisata religius, wisata studi, wisata tirta, wisatawan, wisatawan mancanegara, wisatawan nusantara, wok, word of mouth promotion


x bag, x-tra bed, X.C.U


yaw dumper, year round hotel, yellow go, yield, yum-cha


Z.F.W, zero wisata, zuppa