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.apk, .changes, .d.o, .d.n, .dc.o, .ddeb, .deb, .dex file, .dsc, .pit, .tar, .tdeb, .udeb, .XML sitemap, .zip


/ga, /proc


0.13-micron technology


1 kB, 1 MB, 10 Base5, 10/100baseT Cat5, 100BaseT, 10Base2, 10base5, 10BaseT


200 OK, 2D mode, 2D/3D hardware acceleration, 2Q algorithm, 2U2


3-D pie chart, 3-D reference, 3-D walls and floor, 304 Not Modified, 3COM, 3D, 3D effects, 3D mode, 3D Studio Max, 3G, 3GP


4G, 4GM, 4RL


64QAM, 6to4


802.11, 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, 8259 PIC


@, @username


A-GPS, a-list, A/S/L, A2DP, AA, AA#, AAC, AAM, AAMOF, Abatron, abend, ABFL, ABI, abiword, Abiword, abort, about, About CorelDRAW, about microsoft word, absolute address, absolute cell reference, absolute limit, abstract, abstract class, abstract method, Abstract Window Toolkit, ABT, abuild, AC, AC'97, AC/DC power adapter, accelerated graphics port, accelerator table, acceptance testing, access, access control, access control list, access key, access management, access method, access point, access point name, access time, access unit, accessibility testing, accessibillity, accessories, account, account auditor, account database, account reaper, account server, account service, accounting, accoustic coupler, accumulator, accuracy, ACF, ACID, ACK, acknowledge, ACL, ACPI, acquire image, acquisition time, action, action button, action setting, actionsript, activate, activate product, activated, active, active antenna, active cell, active desktop, active directory, active leg, active server page, active sheet, active task button, active window, active/active configuration, active/passive configuration, activex, activity, actual parameter list, actuator, ad, ad blocker, ad copy, ad hoc network, ad hoc provisioning profile, ad impression, ad rotation, ad space, ad view, ad-hoc testing, adapter, adapter ADC, adaptive, ADB, adb shell logcat, adb.exe, ADC, ADctd2uv, add on domain, add perspective, add site, add text, add URL, add-in, add-ins, add-on, address, address block, address book, address bus, address list, address pool, address resolution protocol, address space, adds funds, adjustable cell, adjustment layer, admin, admin API, admin server, administer, administration, administration domain, administrator, ADN, ADO, adobe pagemaker, adobe photoshop, adoption, ADS, adsense, ADSL, adspace, advance payment, advanced, advanced message queuing protocol, advanced RISC machine, advanced–tools, advertiser, advisory system, advocate, adwords, aero, AES, AFAIC, AFAICR, AFAICS, AFAICT, AFAIK, AFAYC, affiliate, affiliate agreement, affiliate fraud, affiliate marketer, affiliate marketing, affiliate program, affiliate program directory, affiliate program manager, affiliate site, affiliate software, affiliate solution provider, affiliate URL, affirmation, afgan, AFK, aftermarket rom, agan, agan/gan, aganwati, aggregator, AGI, agile, Agile Software Development, agile testing, AGP, AGPset, agreement, AH, AHCI, AI, AIO, air time, AISI, AITR, AIUI, AJAX, ajax, Ajax, AKA, akismet, akses, AKTB


B to B e-commerce, B to C e-commerce, B&W, B-channel, B-D, B-D-Indep, B-ISDN, B-Mac, B/C, B/F, B2B, B2C, B2G, B4, B4N, BAC, back, back connect, back door, back end, back minus front, back orifice, back slash, back space, back up, back-end catalog, back-end developer, back-end store, backbone, backbone network, backdoor, background, background printing, backhaul, backing storage, backlink, backlinks, backoff delay, backplane, backports, backports security advisory, backslash, backspace, backtrace, backtrack distro, backtracking, backup, backup system, backup, restore, dan layanan disaster recovery, backus normal form, backward chaining, backward supervision, bad block table, bad blocks, bada, bahasa alami, bahasa formal, BAK, balance, balance error, balanced error, balanced transmission, balancing, balloons, band, bandrol, bandwidth, bandwidth disk, bandwith, bang path, banned, banned ID, banner, banner ad, banner affiliasi, banner shapes tool, banwidth, bar, BAR, bar chart, bar code, bar code scanner, bar-code, bar-code reader, bar-code scanner, barbican, barcen, bare, baris, BASCOM, BASE, base, base address, base band, base color, base image, base system, base theme, baseband, baseline, basemap, bash, BASIC, basic access method, basic encoding rules, basic input/output system, basic instruction, basic linkage, basic mode, basic page, basic shape tool, basic shaphes, basic software, basis path testing, basis test, bata, bata merah, batch, batch file, batch files, batch processing, batch processing system, batch total, baterai CMOS, battery, baud, baud rate, BB, BB+17, BBFN, BBIAB, BBL, BBS, BBSD, BC, Bcc, BCC, BCD, BCnU, BCS, BD, BD-R, BD-RE, BD-Uninstallable, beacon, beaconing, beagleboard, beamwidth, bean, bearing, beauty blog, beep, beep code, BEG, begin, BEI, beibeh17, bell character, bell-lapadula model, ben, benchmark, benchmark testing, benevolent dictator for life, benign virus, BEP, BER, best-first search, beta, beta testing, bevel, bevel and emboss, bexar, bezier line, bezier tool, BF, BFN, BG, BGP, BGWM, bibliography, bid and run, bidirectional bus, bidirectional printing, big endian, big lock, big yellow, bigmem, binary, binary aritmetic operation, binary cell, binary digit, binary file, binary operator, binary package, binary portability testing, binary search, binary synchronous transmission, bind, bindery, binding time


C band, C&G, C/A Code, C/C++, C4N, cable, cable modem, cabling system, cacat, cache, cache affinity, cache coherency, cache folder, cache line, cache memory, cache ping-pong, cache pollution, cache pruner, cache2SD, Cache2SD, caching, cactus, CAD, CADET, CAI, cain & abel, caine, calculated column, calculated field, calculated item, calculator mode, caldera, call, CALL, call baring, call barring, call forward, call gate, call hold, call instruction, call waiting, callback, caller ID, caller photo ID, calligraphic angle, callout, calls, CAM, CamelCase, camera, camp, CAN, cancel, candidat key, candy bar, cange case, canned software, Canonical, canonical URL, canvas, capability, capacity, capacity cache, capacity updater, capacity utilization, capcay, caps lock, capslock, captcha, caption, capture, CAP_, carbon copy, card, card file, card issuing bank, card reader, cardholder, carding, carl zeiss, carriage return, carrier, carrier frequency, carrier sense multiple access, carry, carry flag, cartography, cartridge, cartridge disk, cascade, cascading style sheet, CASE, case, case sensitive, case statement, cash in advance, cashout, cashtag, casing, CAST, cast, casting, Catalina, catalog, catalog service, catch, categories, category, category 5 UTP, category axis, category field, category label, category name, cathode ray tube, CATV, cause effect graph, CBA, CBHRM, CBQ, CC, Cc, CCIT, CCIT recommendations, CCK, CCleaner, CCPB, CCTV, CD, CD burner, CD drive, CD ROM, CD RW, CD RW drive, CD title, CD-R, CD-ROM, CD-RW, CDBS, CDI, CDIWY, CDMA, CDMA 2000×1, CDMA EVDO, CDMA x1, CDR, ceilometer, celeblog, celebriblog, cell, cell address, cell comments, cell forwarding, cell height, cell manager, cell pointer, cell reference, cell shading, cell width, cellular, CELP, cendol, center, center alignment, center of rotation, centering, centos, CentOS, central processing unit, centralized operation, centronics interface, CEOBlog, ceph, cephfs, CERN, certificate, certificate authority, certificate signing request, certificate used for client authentication, certificates, identifiers & profiles, certifying authority, CES, CF-Root, CFQ, CFS, CFV, CFY, CGA, CGI, CGI script, cgi-bin, CGI-bin, CGI/Perl, cgit, chace, chainning, challenge, challenge-handshake authentication protocol, chameleon, chance scheduler, change case


D-, D-I, D-Sub, D-W, D/A converter, D6, D7, D8, DA, daemon, DAG, dagumen, daisy chain, daisy-wheel printer, dak, Dalvik, Dalvik Cache, Dalvik VM, DAM, dancing makefiles, Dapper Drake, dark blog, Darkstar, DARPA, dash style, dashboard, data, data analysis display, data anaysis, data bank, data bars, data bus, data cable, data center, data compression devices, data connectivity, data dictionary, data driven testing, data element, data encryption, data encryption key, data flow diagram, data form, data hierarchy, data independence, data interchange, data label, data link, data link layer, data link protocol, data logging, data loss prevention software, data marker, data module, data pane, data point, data processing, data processing manager, data processor, data protection, data range, data rate, data rate management, data redudancy, data region, data series, data set, data set ready, data sharing, data source, data source driver, data store, data structure, data structures, data table, data table in charts, data terminal ready, data transfer, data type, data validation, Data2SD, database, database admnistrator, database channel, database collection, database field, database functions, database ID, database information utility, database management, database manager, database replicator, database user, datagram, datagram delivery protocol, datasheet, datasheet view, date, date & time, date and time, date/time, datum, daverage function, day function, DBA, DBase, DBLSPACE, DBMS, DC, dcache, DCC, DCCU, DCE, DCed, DCG, dcount function, DCS, DD, DDBMS, DDE, DDE conversation, Ddeb, DDL, DDMS, DDN, DDoS, DDP, DDPO, DDR, DDR SDRAM, DDR-RAM, DDR2, DDR2 SDRAM, DDR3, DDR3 SDRAM, DDR3L, DDSL, DDTP, deactivation, deadlock, deal, deallocate, DEB, deb, Deb822, DebCamp, Debconf, debian, Debian, Debian Account, Debian Account Manager, Debian Contributor, Debian Data Export, Debian Developer, Debian Developer's Reference, Debian Documentation Project, Debian GNU/Linux, Debian Installer, Debian Linux Kernel Handbook, Debian Maintainer, Debian Maintainer Dashboard, Debian Member, Debian Package Tracker, Debian Policy Manual, Debian Project, Debian Project Leader, Debian Project News, Debian Pure Blends, Debian Security Advisory, Debian System Administrators, Debian Weekly News, Debian Women, debounce, debports, debug, debugger, debugging, DEC, decimal, decimal place, decision, decision support system, declaration, declarative knowledge, DECnet, decoder, decoding, decompress, decreament, decrease, decrease indent, decryption, dedicated, dedicated hosting, dedicated layanan hosting, dedicated line, dedicated server, dedicated system, dedicated terminal, deduction


e-book, e-business, e-cards, e-commerce, e-government, e-groverment, e-learning, e-mail, e-mail address, e-mail client, e-mail virus, e-payment, e-SATA, e-wallet, E2eg, EA, eager coalescing, EAK, EAP, EAROM, earphone, earth, earth station, east-west traffic, EBCDIC, ebook, EBS boot volume, ebtables, EC2, EC2 access key, EC2 API, EC2 compatibility API, EC2 secret key, ECC, echo, echo check, echo protocol, echo suppressor, ECL, eclair, eclipse, Eclipse, ECMA, ECMAScript, ecommerce, EDFA, edge, EDGE, edge-triggered interrupt, Edgy Eft, EDI, EDID, EDIFACT, edit, edit bitmap, edit capability, edit line, edit recepient list, edit text, editor program, EDO, EDO RAM, EDP, eDP, EDP management science, EDPS, EDR, edu-blog, Edubuntu, EEPROM, EF, EFF, effective address, effective instruction, effectiveness level, effects, EFI BIOS, EFT, EG, EGA, egoless programming, egosurfer, EHCI, EIA, EIA inteface, EIE, EIGRP, EIP, EISA, EJB, eject, elastic block storage, ELC, electric delay line, electronic archive, electronic bulletin board, electronic data, electronic data proccessing, electronic differential analyzer, electronic document, electronic mail, electronic mailbox, electronic messaging, elemen komputer, elevasi, elevation, elevator algorithm, ELF, elipse tool, elite, ellipsoid, else, Emacs, email, email address, email discussion lists, email hosting, email list, email marketing, email signature, ematch, embed, embedded, embedded chart, embedded platform for industrial computing, embedded style sheet, embedded system, embedded systems, EmbeddedJava Technology, embedding, emergency, EMFBI, EMFJI, EMI, emoticon, emotion, empahasized, EMS, EMSG, emulation, emulator, enable, enabled, enabling the line, encapsulation, encapsulation facility, encode, encoded information, encoder, encoding, encription, encrypted password, encryption, end, end distortion, end note, end of carry, end of data mark, end of file mark, end system, end user license agreement, end users, end-of-document marker, end-to-end testing, ending delimiter, endless loop, endpoint, endpoint registry, endpoint template, endurance testing, Energy Star, engineering time, enhanced screentip, ENIAC, Enigmail, enkripsi, ente, enter, enterprise resource planning systems, enthusiast, entitlement, entity, entity type, entrance, entry, entry condition, entry level, entry sorting, entry variabel file, enum, enumerated type, enumeration, envelope, envelopes, environment pointer, EOD, EOF, EOF mark, EOF routine, EOIS


F, F/F, F/oss atau foss, F2F, F2T, F4, F5, F6, F7, F?, FA, face detection, facility assignment, facility length, facsimile, facsimile machine, factory reset, fading, failed, failure, fair scheduler, fake login, fake process, fakeLDAP, faktor interleave, false sharing, fan-heatsink, fan-out exchange, fanfold paper, fantastico, fantastico deluxe, FAPI, FAQ, far end crosstalk, FARNET, FAST, fast access storage, fast ethernet, fast select, fastboot, fastpath, FAT, FAT32, fatal bug, fatal error, favicon, favorites, FAWC, fax, fax board, fax machine, fax modem, FB-DIMM, FBI, FBOW, FBTW, FC, FCFS, FCOL, fd, FDD, FDDI, FDM, feathering, feature, federal communication comission, federal information exchange, federated identity, fedora, feed, feed count, feedback, feedback loop, feedburner, feedhorn, feet, Feisty Fawn, female connector, fetch, fetch bit, FF, FFA, FFS, FHS, fiber optic, fiber optic cable, fibre channel, fibre channel over Ethernet, field, field button, field engineer, field length, field programmable gate array, field programmable logic array, field size, field/data member, FIFO, fil tool, file, file form, file header, file list, file maintenance, file manager, file name, file name text box, file opening, file organization, file organization routine, file search, file separator, file server, file sharing, file sistem, file system, file transfer, file transfer protocol, file type, file unit, filemap, filename extension, files of type box, filesystem hierarchy standard, filesystem--config, filesystem--dev, filesystem--proc, filesystem--sys, filing, fill, fill by example, fill character, fill color, fill handle, fill pointer, fill-first scheduler, filler, filter, filtering, filters, final, finally, find, find add-ins for other file format, find and replace, find and replace dialog box, find card, find in field dialog box, find recipient, fine index, finger, fingerprint reader, FIR, fire wall, Firefox, firewall, firewall dan NAT, firewall-as-a-service, firewire, firmware, first generation computer, First Media, first order subroutine, first-come first-serve, first-party cookie, FISH, fit, fit text, fit text to path, fit to page, FITB, fitur, fix no cancel, fixed, fixed area, fixed cellular, fixed disk, fixed field method, fixed head storage device, fixed IP address, fixed length record, fixed line, fixed media, fixed mmap, fixed point arithmetic, fixed point number, fixed position addressing, fixed wireless, FJ, FJB, FLA, FLAC, flag, flag flip-flop, flame, flames, flash, flash cards, flash lite, flash memory, flash optimization


G, g, G&BIT, G2B, G2G, G2GGS2D, G2GTAC, G2GTAP, GA, GaAS, GAD, gadget, GAFIA, gain, gaining access, gajebo, gak delivered, GAL, Galaxy, gallery, gambar bitmap, gambas, game, game center, game online, game port, gan, gantt chart, gap digit, gap scatter, gap width, GAPPS, garbage, garbage collection, garbage collector, GART, GAS, gate, gated, gatekeeper, gateway, gateway page, Gateway Script, gateway script, gath, gather write, gathering, gathering data, gaussian blur, gavatar, GB, GBH, GBH&K, GBR, GBT, GBTW, GBY, gcc, GConf, GCR, GDLV, GDM, GDO, gdoc, GDSS, GDT, GDW, GE, gedit, geje, gelombang mikro, GEM, general, general date, general format, general format identifier, general number, general program, general purpose automatic test system, general purpose computer, general purpose function generator, general purpose operating system, general purpose program, general purpose register, general resolution, general routine, generalized routine, generate, generate address, generate and test, generation, generation data group, generation group, generator, generic, generic file names, generic receive offload, generic routing encapsulation, Genivi®, GEO, geo tagging, geocaching, geodetic datum, geofence, geofencing, geographic segmentation, geographical targeting, geoip, geolocation, George Boole, geosynchronous orbit, geotagging, gerbang logika, germanium, Germanium, gesture, gesture control, get, GF, GFC, GFETE, GFN, GFU, GFY, GG, GGPS, GGU2, ghosting, GHz, GIF, gifted, giga, gigabit, gigabyte, gigacycle, GIGO, GIMP, gingerbread, GIS, git, giveback, GIYF, GJ, GKHI, GL, GL&GH, glance, glance API server, glance registry, glass box testing, glint, global endpoint template, global positioning system, global resource sharing, global search, global search and replace, Global TV, global variabel, globally administered MAC addressing, glossary, GlusterFS, glyph, GM, GMA, GMAB, Gmail, GMCH, GMS, GMTA, GN, GNI, gnocchi, GNOME, GNU, GNU compiler collection, GNU/GPL, go back n, Go Back N, go to, go to page, go to record, goal seek, GOCA, GOK, gokil, golden image, GoLive, Google, google, google adsense, Google Adwords, google adwords, Google Analytics, google analytics, google dance, Google Now, google pagerank, google panda, Google Panda, google penguin


H, H&K, H/O, H2cus, H2H, H8, hack, hacker, hacking, hacktivism, hacktivist, hadoop, hadoop distributed file system, HAG1, HAGD, HAGN, HAGS, HAHA, HAK, halftone, halftone image, Hamm, HAND, hand mouse pointer, hand tool, handler, handles, handover, handphone, handsfree, handshaking, handshakking, hang, hanging indent, hansip, HAProxy, hard brick, hard disk, hard drive cache, hard reboot, hard reset, hard return, hardbrick, harddisk, hardware, hardware gateway, hardware input, hardware output, hardware penyimpanan data, hardware prosesing, Hardy Heron, hash tags, hashing, hashtag, hat tip, havana, Haxor or H4x0r, HB, HBA, HC, HD, HD audio, HDCP, HDD, HDMI, HDTV, HDYWTDT, head, header, header and footer toolbar, header footer, header photo, headers, heading, heading rows repeat, heading styles, heading tag, headings, headphone, headshot, health monitor, healthy, heap, heardtrough, heat, heat orchestration template, heatsink, help, help mouse pointer, help topics, hertz, heuristic, heuristic search, hexadecimal, HF, HH, HHJK, HHOJ, HHOK, HHOS, hidden file, hidden links, hidden text, hide, hide gridlines, hiding, hierarchy, high availability, high color, high end, high-definition multimedia interface, high-low lines, highlight, highlight merge fields, highlight what’s new, highmem, hight definition TV, high­level language, HIH, hijack, hints, hipertexs transfer protokol secure, hipertext link, Hiroshi Lockheimer, histogram, histor, history, history worksheet, hit, Hit, hit and run, hitnosis, hitnotice, hits, HIWTH, HJ, HldMeCls, HLLAPI, HLM, HMS, HMT, HMWK, hoary hedgehog, HOAS, hoax, hode, HOLD, home, home base, home page, home phoneline networking alliance, home server, homepage, honeycomb, honeymoon, hook, hooked vector, hoplink, horizon, horizontal, hospot, host, host aggregate, host bus adapter, host name, hosting, hosting service provider, hostname, hostpot, Hot list, hot spot, hot swap, hot thread, hot trit, hot zone, hotlinking, hotspot, hotspot WiFi, hotspot-fix, hotspotting, HowTo, HPET, hppa, HS, HSB, HSCSD, HSDPA, HSF, HSIK, HSPA, HSUPA, HT, Ht4U, HTB, HTC, HTH, HTHBE, HTML, HTML 3.2, HTML banner


i-beam mouse pointer, I-way, I/O, I/O controller hub, i18n, I386, IA32, Ia64, IA64, IAAA, IAAL, IAC, IAE, IAIM, IANAA, IANADD, IANAL, IAWTC, IC, ICANN, ICE, Ice Cream Sandwich, icehouse, ICH, iCloud, ICMP, icon, icon perintah cross-reference, icon sets, icon show notes, icon update table, ICQ, ICS, ID, ID number, IDD, IDE, IDE controller, identifier, identity, identity API, identity back end, identity provider, identity service API, IDGI, IDGW, IDI, IDK, IDL, idle, idle time, IDT, IDTT, IDX, IE, IEC, IEEE, IETF, if, if function, if-then rule, if-then statement, IFA, Ifconfig, iferror function, iframe, iful, IFVB, IGO, IGOers, IGP, IGTP, IHTFP, IHU, IHY, II, IINM, IIOP, IIR, IIRC, IISDN, IIT, IIUC, ijo-ijo, IJWTK, IJWTS, IK, IKWUM, ILBCNU, ILD, illegal operation, illustrations, ILU, ILY, ILYFAE, IM, IM2 PayTV, image, image adjusment lab, Image API, image cache, image ID, image interpretation, image map, image membership, image owner, image recognition, image registry, image resolution, image stabilizer, image status, image store, image understanding, image UUID, imagesetter, IMAO, IMAP, IMB, IMBO, IMCO, IME, IMEI, img, IMHO, imho, IMI, IMNSHO, IMO, IMOBO, IMP, impact printer, IMPE, impersonation, implementation, implements, implicit intersection, import, important, importing, IMPOV, impression, IMVHO, in-app purchase, in-basket, in-cell editing, in-vehicle infotainment, INAL, inbound links, inbox, incoming link, increase indent, incubated project, indbound link, indent, indentation, indents and spacing card, independent software vendor, independent test group, index, index card, index function, index page, indexed, indexs, individual, Indosiar, Indostar, Indovision, Industry Standard Architecture slot, industry standard architecture slot, inf, INF, inference engine, informatics, information, information object, information system, information technology, infrared, infrared data association, infrared port, infrastructure network, Infrastructure-as-a-Service, infus printer, INFUSION 2008, ingress filtering, inheritance, init, initialization, inject, injection, ink tank, inkjet printer, inklinasi, inktomi, inline picture, inline style sheet, inner glow, inner join, INPO


J/K, J/P, J2EE, J2ME, J2SE, J4F, JAAS, jack port, jack retasking, jack sensing, JAF, jaggies, JAI, JAIN, jalur komunikasi, japri, JAR, jaringan data paket, jaringan komputer, jaringan nirkabel, jaringan pintar, jaringan WiFi, JAS, JASE, Jaunty Jackalope, java, Java, Java 2 Platform, java 2 platform enterprise edition, java 2 platform standard edition, Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition, Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition, Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition, Java 2 SDK, Java 2D, Java Accessibility API, Java APIs for Integrated Networks, java applet, Java Application Server, java applications, Java Card API, Java Compatibility Kit, Java Database Connectivity, Java Development Kit, Java Foundation Classes, Java IDL, Java IMF, Java Interface Definition Language, Java Media APIs, Java Media Framework, java MIDP, Java Naming and Directory Interface, Java Native Interface, Java Platform, Java Platform Editions, Java Remote Method Invocation, Java Runtime Environment, Java virtual machine, JavaBeans, javac, JavaCheck, Javadoc, JavaSafe, javascript, javascript injection, javascript object notation, JavaSpaces, javaw, JAWS, JAXP, JBoss, JBOSS, JDBC, JDK, JDO, jebakan betmen, JED, JEDEC, jejak, jellybean, Jessie, JFC, JFGI, JFTR, jhon the ripper program, JIC, Jiffies, Jini Technology, JIT, JJWY, JK, JMHO, JMO, JMS, JNDI, JNI, join, join line, joining, joint venture, Joomla, JOT, JP, JPEG, JPEG 2000, jQuery, JRE, jrew, JSON, JSP, JstCllMe, JSYK, JTAG, JTLYK, JTS, judul windows, jumbo frame, jump, jumper, junk, junk e-mail, junk mail, junker, juno, juragan, Just-in-time Compiler, justification, justified alignment, justify, JVM, JW


K, K/KB, Ka-Band, kabel, kabel & konektor, kabel jaringan, kabel keamanan, kaberl ethernet, kaleida, kali linux, kamera sekunder, kamsud, KANG, kanvas, kapasitas sentral lokal, Karmic Koala, kartu berlubang, kartu jaringan, kartu SIM, KASKUS, kaskus addict, kaskus freak, kaskus geek, kaskus holic, kaskus maniac, kaskuser, KASLR, Katie, KB, KBBK, Kbit/s, Kbps, KBps, KC, KDE, KDM, keamanan internet, kebijakan keamanan, kecepatan, keep, keep lines together, keep with next, KeePass, kepo, kerberos, kernel, kernel handbook, kernel monolithic, kernel panic, kernel-based VM, kerning, key, key field, key lock, key tip, keyboard, keyboard entry, keyboard printer, keygen, keylogger, keypad, keys, keystone, keystroke, keyword, keyword density, keyword frequency, keyword marketing, keyword planner, keyword proximity, keyword research, keyword stuffing, keyword submission, keywords, Kfreebsd-amd64, Kfreebsd-i386, KHUF, KHz, ki-kil, kick, kickstart, kickstarter, kill, Kilo, kilobit, kilobyte, kimpoi, kirbal, KIS, kismin, KISS, KIT, kitkat, kittyblogger, klien, klien email, klonengan, KMA, KMSMA, knife tool, knockout, knowledge acquisition, knowledge base, knowledge engineer, knowledge engineering, kolom, kolor ijo, koma, komeng, komentar, komentar SPAM, kompatibel, kompetitor, kompilator, kompresi, komunikasi data, komunitas, konektor, konektor floopy dan IDE, konektor power, konten, kontes SEO, koordinat, kopdar, KOS, KOTC, KOTL, kripik pedas, kriptografi, KS, KSO, KSO agreements, KSO period, KSO unit, KSP, KSpread, kswapd, KTHX, Ku-band, Kubuntu, kulkas, kursor, kurung, kurung kurawal, kustomisasi, KUTGW, KW, KWIM


L band, L1 cache, L1 frequency, L10n, l10n, L2 cache, L2 frequency, L2P, L3 cache, L8, L8R, L8TR, LAAS, LAB, lab, label, labels, lag, LAM, laman, Lamer, LAMP, lampu, LAN, LAN card, land, land attack, landing page, landscape, landscape orientation, language, laser, lasso, lasso tool, last modified box, last record, latency, latitude, launch, launcher, launching, launchpad, layanan online, layer, layer mask, layout resource, LBA, LBR, LBS, lbu, LCD, LCD berwarna, LCD monocrom, LCFC, LD, LDAP, lead-based website, lead-free, leader tabs, leading, LEAF, leased line, lebay, LED, LED flash, leech, left, left alignment, left justification, left-to-right, leg, legacy, legacy code, legal pleadings, legend, legend keys, legends, legit, lemari server, Lenny, lens, letters and fax, letters and mailings, lexical, LFG, LFI, LFM, LFP, Lfs, LG, LGA1156, LGA775, LGR, LHM, LHU, library, LibreOffice, lifestyle blog, lifetime value of a customer, ligature, lightness, lightweight, like, LILO, limit, line, line and page breaks card, line between, line chart, line numbers, line of sight propagation, line spacing, lines in service, linguablog, link, link affiliasi, link baiting, link building, link checker, link dofollow dan nofollow, link exchange, link farm, link juice, link manager, link popularity, link sculpting, link spam, link target, link text, link wheel, Link2SD, linkbait, linkbaiting, linker, linking, links, Linus Torvalds, linus torvalds, linux, Linux, linux blank on, Linux From Scratch, LIS, list, list box, listbot, listings, listserv, listserver, literal, lithium battery, lithium ion, lithium polymer, live link, live preview, live wallpapers, LiveCD, livejournal, LKM, LKML, LL&P, LMAO, LMIRL, LMK, LNK, load, load testing, load time, loading, local and remote, local area network, local call, local exchange capacity, local internet marketing, local peer discovery, local search, local socket, local talk, local variable, local-area network, localhost, localization, localization testing, localize, locate, lock, lock object, locked, locked field or record, locking, LOF, log, log file, log in, log off, log on, log out, log-on, logging, logic block


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W3C, W8, WAIS, wait, wake up, wallet, WAN, wanna-build, WAP, warez, warm boot, warm booting, warty warthog, watchOS, watermark, waterproof, WAV, wavelength, wavelength-division multiplexing, waypoints, WBMP, WDDM, Web, web 2.0, web address, web analis, web analytics, web browser, web browser cache, web component, web cookie, web crawler, web design, web designer, web developer, web diary, web dinamis, web feed, web hosting, web layout, web master, web page, web page preview, web pages, web portal, web publisher, web query, web server, web site, web space, web statis, web storage, web-based e-mail, web-proxy, webcam, weblog, webmail, webmaster, webpage, website, website dinamik, website marketing, website optimization, website promotion, website promotion services, website statik, website submission, weight, weightless, weld, WEP, WGS-84, what's this?, What's This?, what-if analysis, Wheezy, while, white balance, white boarding, white hat, white hat hacker, white hat SEO, white hat seo, white point, whitehat SEO, whitelist, WHM, WHMCS, who to follow, whois, whole page, WHQL, Wi-Fi, wi-fi, Wi-MAX, wide area augmentation system, wide area network, wide-area network, widget, widget toolkit, widow/orphan control, width pop-up box, WiFi, WiFi tethering, wiki, WikiWord, wildcard App ID, WILL, WIMAX, WiMAX, winbox, window, window decoration, window manager, window menu, windows, windows clipboard, windows image acquisition, windows messenger, wine, winsock, WinWAIS, WIP, wipe, wipe cache partition, wipe data, wiping, wireframe, wireframe view, wireless, wireless adapter, wireless client, wireless gateway, wireless LAN, wishlist, wittertude, wizard, WLAN, WLL, WMA, WML, WMV, WNPP, WO, Woody, word, word art, word count, word processing software, wordart, wordpress, wordpress plugin,,, words, work load, work station, workbook, workbook file, workbook sharing, working screen, working with office, workload, worksheet, worksheet reference, workspace, workspace file, workstation, world phone, world readable files, world wide web, worm, WOT, WOWLinux, WP, WPA, wrap, wrap text, wrapper, wrapping text, write, write-behind caching, writing style, writing tools, WRT, WSP/WISP, WSXGA, WTA, WTB, WTF, WTG, WTH, WTI, WTK, WTS, WTT, WU, WUXGA, WVGA, WWW


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