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yellow fever

Pengertian yellow fever adalah: Subjek Definisi Science ? yellow fever : The transmission of acute viral disease by the bite of Aedes aegypti mosquito is known as yellow fever. Kebidanan ? yellow fever : Demam kuning. Suatu penyakit di sebabkan oleh virus dan ditularkan melalui gigitan nyamuk. Definisi ?


Pengertian Z-DNA adalah: Subjek Definisi Science ? Z-DNA : The region of DNA that has a left-handed helix with alternating purines and pyrimidines that may be a site for a DNA-binding protein is known as Z-DNA. Know more on Structure of Mitochondrial DNA. Definisi ?


Pengertian zygote adalah: Subjek Definisi Science ? zygote : A fertilised egg, the fusion of a male and female gamete. Kebidanan ? zygote : ovum yang sudah dibuahi tetapi belum mengalami segmentation Definisi ?


Pengertian vitamins adalah: Subjek Definisi Science ? vitamins : The organic compound that is required as a nutrient by an organism and is often obtained from its diet is known as vitamins. The deficiency of vitamins can cause many diseases and illness in the organism. Definisi ?


Pengertian VoIP adalah: Subjek Definisi Science ? VoIP : It is the network that allows real time conversation by sending digital voice information in packet form over the Internet . It does not use the traditional circuit committed protocol that is used by public telephone networks. VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. Know more on Benefits of VoIP. Definisi ?


Pengertian voltage adalah: Subjek Definisi Science ? voltage : differences in potential (or electric state) related to the electrical forces that 'push' charges through a conductor. Can be thought of as the pressure which pushes electricity through a wire. Teknik Sipil ? voltage : Suatu ukuran potensial listrik. Definisi ?

warm up

Pengertian warm up adalah: Subjek Definisi Science ? warm up : Movements done to get the body ready to exercise. The runner stretched to warm up before the race. Definisi ?

water cycle

Pengertian water cycle adalah: Subjek Definisi Science ? water cycle : The path that water follows as it evaporates into the air, condenses into clouds, and returns to Earth as rain, snow, sleet, or hail. After the sun's heat dried up the pond, water from rain filled it back up, completing its journey through the water cycle. Definisi ?


Pengertian weight adalah: Subjek Definisi Science ? weight : the force on an object due to the gravitational pull of a planet or other heavenly body. weight : The gravitational force exerted on a mass. weight : The gravitational force exerted on an object is known as weight. Definisi ?

western blot

Pengertian western blot adalah: Subjek Definisi Science ? western blot : The process to detect specific proteins in a sample of tissue extract by gel electrophoresis is known as Western Blot. Definisi ?

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