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throws – (Teknologi Informasi)

Pengertian throws adalah: Subjek Definisi Java ? throws : A Java keyword used in method declarations that specify which exceptions are not handled within the method but rather passed to the next higher level of the program. throws : Keyword in a method declaration that indicates the exceptions the method may throw. Definisi ?

titik – (Teknologi Informasi)

Pengertian titik adalah: Subjek Definisi Java ? titik : Untuk memisahkan nama paket dari sub-paket dan class dan untuk memisahkan variabel atau method dari variabel referensi. Definisi ?

transaction – (Teknologi Informasi)

Pengertian transaction adalah: Subjek Definisi Java ? transaction : An atomic unit of work that modifies data. A transaction encloses one or more program statements, all of which either complete or roll back. Transactions enable multiple users to access the same data concurrently. Definisi ?

transaction isolation level – (Teknologi Informasi)

Pengertian transaction isolation level adalah: Subjek Definisi Java ? transaction isolation level : The degree to which the intermediate state of the data being modified by a transaction is visible to other concurrent transactions and data being modified by other transactions is visible to it. Definisi ?

transaction manager – (Teknologi Informasi)

Pengertian transaction manager adalah: Subjek Definisi Java ? transaction manager : Provides the services and management functions required to support transaction demarcation, transactional resource management, synchronization, and transaction context propagation. Definisi ?

transient – (Teknologi Informasi)

Pengertian transient adalah: Subjek Definisi Java ? transient : A keyword in the Java programming language that indicates that a field is not part of the serialized form of an object. When an object is serialized, the values of its transient fields are not included in the serial representation, while the values of its non-transient fields are included. transient : Keyword indicating that an instance or class variable is not to be saved when an […]

try – (Teknologi Informasi)

Pengertian try adalah: Subjek Definisi Java ? try : A Java keyword that defines a block of statements that may throw a Java language exception. If an exception is thrown, an optional catch block can handle specific exceptions thrown within the try block. Also, an optional finally block will be executed regardless of whether an exception is thrown or not. try : Statement used in conjunction with a catch block that indicates a block of […]

URN – (Teknologi Informasi)

Pengertian URN adalah: Subjek Definisi Java ? URN : Uniform Resource Name. A unique identifier that identifies an entity, but doesn't tell where it is located. A system can use a URN to look up an entity locally before trying to find it on the Web. It also allows the Web location to change, while still allowing the entity to be found. Definisi ?

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