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turbidity current

Pengertian turbidity current adalah: Subjek Definisi Geologi EN ? turbidity current : Current in which limited volume of turbid or muddy water moves relative to surrounding water because of current's greater density. Definisi ?

turbulent flow

Pengertian turbulent flow adalah: Subjek Definisi Geologi EN ? turbulent flow : Mechanism by which fluid (such as water) moves over or past a rough surface. Fluid not in contact with irregular boundary outruns that slowed by friction or deflected by uneven surface. Fluid particles move in series of eddies or whirls. Most stream flow is turbulent; turbulent flow is important in both erosion and transportation. Contrast with laminar flow. Definisi ?

type locality

Pengertian type locality adalah: Subjek Definisi Geologi EN ? type locality : The place or region in which a rock, series of rock, or formation is typically exposed. Definisi ?

ultimate base level

Pengertian ultimate base level adalah: Subjek Definisi Geologi EN ? ultimate base level : Sea level, lowest possible base level for a stream. Definisi ?


Pengertian ultrabasic adalah: Subjek Definisi Geologi EN ? ultrabasic : Containing magnesium and iron and only a very small amount of silica. Used of igneous rock. Definisi ?


Pengertian transpiration adalah: Subjek Definisi Geologi EN ? transpiration : Process by which water vapor escapes from a living plant and enters atmosphere. Satelit Meteorologi (idhamchalid78.blogspot.com) ? transpiration : Proses pelepasan uap air ke udara oleh tumbuh-tumbuhan. Definisi ?


Pengertian ultramafic adalah: Subjek Definisi Geologi EN ? ultramafic : Sometimes referred to as ultrabasic refers to the silica content of the rock. In ultramafic rocks there is very little silica (usually less than 45%) such that the common rock forming mineral of quartz is not present and feldspars are less common being replaced by the mineral group feldspathoids. These rocks are often rich in magnesium and iron. Definisi ?

transverse dune

Pengertian transverse dune adalah: Subjek Definisi Geologi EN ? transverse dune : Dune formed in areas of scanty vegetation and in which sand has moved in ridge at right angles to wind. Exhibits gentle windward slope and steep leeward slope characteristic of other dunes. Definisi ?


Pengertian ultramatic adalah: Subjek Definisi Geologi EN ? ultramatic : Ultrabasic. Definisi ?

transverse wave

Pengertian transverse wave adalah: Subjek Definisi Geologi EN ? transverse wave : See shear, or shake, wave. Definisi ?

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