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wrongful dismissal – (Ekonomi / Bisnis)

Pengertian wrongful dismissal adalah: Subjek Definisi Employment/Employment Law ? wrongful dismissal : Wrongful Dismissal is based on contract law. Any claim for wrongful dismissal will therefore mean looking at an employment contract to see if the contract has been broken.The most common breach is where an employee is dismissed without notice or the notice given is too short. An employer can often justify dismissing an employee without notice (Summary Dismissal) if the employee commits a […]

zero hours contract – (Ekonomi / Bisnis)

Pengertian zero hours contract adalah: Subjek Definisi Employment/Employment Law ? zero hours contract : Is a common term for a contract under which an employer does not guarantee to provide work and pays only for work actually done. zero-hours contract : A zero-hours contract is a type of employment contract where the employee makes themselves available for work for a specified number of hours and get paid for a proportion of those hours even if […]

witness order – (Ekonomi / Bisnis)

Pengertian witness order adalah: Subjek Definisi Employment/Employment Law ? witness order : A Tribunal order forcing an unwilling witness to come to the tribunal. witness order : An ET can issue a witness order to compel an unwilling witness to attend the hearing. Definisi ?

witness statement – (Ekonomi / Bisnis)

Pengertian witness statement adalah: Subjek Definisi Employment/Employment Law ? witness statement : A statement taken from a witness. Generally ETs expect witnesses to read their statements aloud (providing they are not too long and there is sufficient time) and this is taken as witnesses’ evidence in chief. Witness statements without the presence of witnesses in person are of limited value: witnesses are expected to attend so that they can be cross-examined to establish the reliability […]

statement of truth – (Ekonomi / Bisnis)

Pengertian statement of truth adalah: Subjek Definisi Employment/Employment Law ? statement of truth : A sentence that is required at the end of a witness statement that states that its contents are true such as: “This statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief”. Definisi ?

working hours – (Ekonomi / Bisnis)

Pengertian working hours adalah: Subjek Definisi Employment/Employment Law ? working hours : This means the time when you are working. For most employees the legal maximum average working week is 48 hours. Definisi ?

working time regulations – (Ekonomi / Bisnis)

Pengertian working time regulations adalah: Subjek Definisi Employment/Employment Law ? working time regulations : You have a right not to work more than 48 hours a week on average, unless you choose to or work in a sector with its own rules. You also have a right to a minimum amount of holiday, currently 5.6 weeks paid annual leave inclusive of statutory bank holidays. This is equivalent to 28 days in total for a full […]

subject access request – (Ekonomi / Bisnis)

Pengertian subject access request adalah: Subjek Definisi Employment/Employment Law ? subject access request : A request under section 7(1) of the Data Protection Act 1998 entitling a data subject to copies of his or her personal information. In the context of employment disputes this is a useful tool by which an employee may see confidential information held in his or her personnel file. Definisi ?

written terms of employment – (Ekonomi / Bisnis)

Pengertian written terms of employment adalah: Subjek Definisi Employment/Employment Law ? written terms of employment : Although all your contract of employment does not have to be written, you have a legal right to a written statement of certain employment terms. Definisi ?

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