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zero liability protection – (Ekonomi / Bisnis)

Pengertian zero liability protection adalah: Subjek Definisi Bank ? zero liability protection : If your credit or debit card is lost or stolen, and you report the loss promptly, you may not be responsible for fraudulent purchases made with your card. There is no charge for the Zero Liability Protection program and it is available on all Bank of America consumer credit cards, debit cards, and Home Equity line of credit access cards.Claims may only […]

Yankee bonds – (Ekonomi / Bisnis)

Pengertian Yankee bonds adalah: Subjek Definisi Bank ? Yankee bonds : Bonds denominated in U.S. dollars and issued in the United States by foreign issuers for U.S. investors. Definisi ?

Yankee CDs – (Ekonomi / Bisnis)

Pengertian Yankee CDs adalah: Subjek Definisi Bank ? Yankee CDs : Certificates of deposit denominated in U.S. dollars and issued in the United States by a U.S. branch of a foreign financial institution. See Eurodollar CDs. Definisi ?

zero-down-payment mortgage – (Ekonomi / Bisnis)

Pengertian zero-down-payment mortgage adalah: Subjek Definisi Bank ? zero-down-payment mortgage : Zero-down-payment mortgage is a type of mortgage given to a buyer who does not make any down payments while borrowing. The mortgage buyer borrows the amount at the entire purchase price. Definisi ?

yield curve risk – (Ekonomi / Bisnis)

Pengertian yield curve risk adalah: Subjek Definisi Bank ? yield curve risk : The risk to a holder of financial instruments that a change in prevailing interest rates will not affect the prices or yields of the same instruments in exactly equal amounts for each available term. For example, an increase in prevailing interest rates might raise 3-month U.S. Treasury yields by 100 basis points while 6-month U.S. Treasury yields go up by only 85 […]

yield curve slope – (Ekonomi / Bisnis)

Pengertian yield curve slope adalah: Subjek Definisi Bank ? yield curve slope : Yield curves also describe the amount of difference between short-term and long-term rates. A yield curve that depicts the customary situation of long-term rates higher than short-term rates is called an upward sloping or positively sloped yield curve. A yield curve depicting the less common occurrence of short-term rates higher than long-term rates is called a downward sloping, negatively sloped, or inverted […]

yield curve twist – (Ekonomi / Bisnis)

Pengertian yield curve twist adalah: Subjek Definisi Bank ? yield curve twist : A phrase used to describe changes in prevailing interest rates that change the shape/slope of the yield curve. For example, a small increase in short-term rates and a large increase in lon- term rates that occur at the same time. A manifestation of yield curve risk. Definisi ?

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